Mission Statement

If you already do not know my name is Andrea. I always loved self development and have been reading books for many years. But I always struggled to find my inner happiness and inner peace. So I decided to create this website where I would gather information and try it out myself. Many times we just read the information and then we do not act on it.

My mission statement for this site is that I will start trying  different techniques and what is the best way to find that balance in life that wil make us all happy. For me happiness is about finding that inner, peace, feeling healthy and energetic and also feel that I have all I need and that at the same time I can contribute towards helping others achieve the same. So I will be posting all my trials and errors as well as lots of other information as I go along. But this site will be a work in progress so there will be lots of new information as I go along.  I will really find out how to become happy, how our brain works and how to get the most of our mind, body and soul to live a happy life.My personal goal is to become as happy as or happier than what I was years ago.



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