Morning Person vs Night Person

Are you a morning person or a night person? If you are a night person did you ever think there was something wrong with you? Perhaps you thought you were lazy. Perhaps people made you feel bad that you could not get up early and be productive. Many things have been said, but what is the deal with a morning person vs a night person?

Not big deal as such. Research has found that about 10 to 20% of people are early person or early chronotypes. Another 10 to 20% of people are night persons or late chronotypes. The rest of us falls somewhere in between. So early persons means they are more productive in the morning and late persons are more productive at night. Research has found that the tendency may be embedded in your DNA. If we look at our history during primitive days some people had to stay awake during teh night to protect the rest from wild animals, or any other dangers. So It is natural to have some morning people and some nnight people.

John Medina suggests and I completely agree that it would be great if companies would allow people to work when they are best productive. Wouldn’t it be great You could finish your work in half the time and if you are night person you would probably have less interruptions. People will be happier also, and being happier is when you are best at your job, and at everything in life. A happy person is a positive person, and a positive person will get more positive results in their life and at work. Remember attitude is everything in life. You can be the best person technically but if you have a bad attitude you will not get anywhere. On the other hand you may know nothing about the job, but if you have the right attitude you will get it right.

I read a review of  The Seven-Day Weekend by Ricardo Semler, a CEO of a Brazilian based company SEMCO that revolutionized the business world. He is a great leader that has chose happiness as the driving force in his business.

I personally get periods in my life when I am an early person and some I am a night person. How about you? Please share below.

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2 Responses to Morning Person vs Night Person

  1. Kyle says:

    One thing would be great for work places to enforce is a *No Whining* policy where if you are caught whining you will be given a one-time warning to shape up your attitude or you will not be allowed to work that day.

    The work place will have a *moral* enforcer to ensure there is no negative conduct in which the person will monitor people’s work productivity and attitudes and as someone a person can go to if they cannot stand being around a negative co-worker.

    If worker X cannot stand worker Y’s constant negative complaining such as how much Democrats or Republicans suck then worker X can go to the moral enforcer which then the enforcer will warn the worker he/she’s productivity is being checked and if the attitude isn’t changed that is slowing down then he/she will be *kicked out*.

    Okay not really kicked out as in “I don’t want to ever see your *beep* face again!* which would be more on the line of harassing but more like forced to take ‘a sick day’ or ‘a paid vacation if the worker cannot go back to his/her normal production levels.

    Chances are high the negative worker will never have taken a paid vacation/sick day in their entire working career and would prefer to show up often in order to just complain. As I have found out the hard way they are not seeking advice on how to change things: They just want someone to give them praise:

    If you told that negative co-worker: “How ever did you survive those problems without killing yourself” then the co-worker will say something on the lines of: “Awww it was nothing really!” and that’s the end of the constant complaining.

    It’s like detonating a love bomb at the complainer and we need a lot of *love bombs* in the world.

    You see negative people are attracted to positive people and vica versa because deep down inside they enjoy the *love* but often do not want to admit it so you have to learn how to play at them back if you want some serious change.

    • Andrea says:

      Kyle, Thank you for your comments. You certainly have an interesting idea. Not sure if would work though. But I agree that the world needs a love bomb. It is good that we all start giving love to everyone. I think the world would be a different place if we did that.

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