New Year Resolutions: Start the Year in the Right Note

Happy New Year to you and I hope you are enjoying the new beginning. New beginnings are always exciting.
Now the good thing about new beginnings s that we can change things and set new year resolutions and make up for the things we did not do previously or things we did wrong.
The bad thing about new beginnings is that if we are not careful the excitement wears off quickly, and we quickly start drifting in our bad habits and the New Year resolutions end up at the bottom of our draw.  But if we are really committed then the new goals can help as to be successful and achieve our dreams.

So what to do to start the year on a right note? 

New Year Resolutions

It does not need to be complicated that you spend the whole month of January planning for it.

  1. Just take a day,if you have not to relax, meditate and think what you achieved during the last year
  2. Then project yourself to the end of 2012, and think about what you would like to have achieved when 31st of December 2012 arrives.
  3. Then set some new year resolutions.  You can choose to set 100 goals, but if that overwhelms you, set 3 big goals that you would like to achieve.
  4. Set a date by which you want to achieve your goals
  5. Write your goals by hand, and put them wherever you can see them every day.
  6. Brainstorm an action plan for you to be able to work on this goals.
  7. Establish a set action plan by date with concrete milestones that will allow you to achieve your goal by the date you chose. For exmaple if you decided to lose 24 kilos by the end of June 2012, then set your milestone to lose 4 kilos  a month from here to June. Then for you to lose 4 kilos a month, you need to lose an average of 1 kilo a week. This means you need to eat a healthy diet, and also exercise 15 minutes a day, and walk 3 times a week.  DO you get the idea? Now losing 1 kilo a week does not seem much, and does not seem hard. But at the end of June you would have achieved your goal.
  8. Tell someone about your goal, and someone that will keep you accountable for it. When we are held accountable we are likely to do it more. Now sometimes telling our friends or spouse does not keep us accountable. At least that happens to me.  But if I go to a coach or dietitian that will help me lose weight then I feel compelled to stick to my goals. So choose carefully the person taht would keep you accountable.
  9. Now that you have yoru goals, remember the best success tip: Planning your day: Every day do something that will take you closer to the goal
  10. Set aside in your diary at least 15 minutes a day for actions that you would take to achieve this goal. 
  11. Do not lose the enthusiasm .You will encounter challenges, but keep your end goal in mind, and remember that the end of 2012 is just around the corner. 

We all got the same time, the same 24 hours ina  day, and we do not get them back. Time lost is time gone

Happy New Year again, and I hope this is a wonderful year for you. If you would like me to keep you accountable for your goals, please let me know. I will gladly do that for you. Leave me a comment below and we will talk further.

You can read more about New Year Resolutions  and common New Year Resolutions. Did you know that the word Enthusiasm came from the Greek and means possessed by God or also inspired. Today the word enthusiasm has more meanings.  But it is always nice to see what it really meant

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