Physical Exercise and the Brain

In the recent years it has been discovered the link between physical exercise and the brain. Physical exercise boosts the brain, your mental health,  helps to overcome depression and brings you a sense of happiness to your life.

This video shows what an anti-brain learning environment and anti-brain working environment would look like. This is exactly what most companies and schools used to have until few years ago. Still some companies have this type of environment which does not boos the power of the brain, which really goes against productive work environment.Tiny proteins called BDNF are created when we exercise and act as a miracle growth for your brain.These days many people do not exercise. Unless you have the discipline to go to the gym the modern life does not encourage exercise.

Exercise aids all areas

  • concentration
  • impulse control
  • foresight
  • problem solving
  • creativity
  • health

According to Barbara Strauch, author of Secrets of the grown-up brain, a study was carried about with mice. Half of the mice exercised and the other half did not exercise. Exercise prompted the birth of new neurons in the mice that exercised.
Exercise will be the best bet for an aging brain. Exercise will help with the birth of new brain cells, and will keep your brain active. Exercise increase the blood flow to the dentate gyrus which is a small portion of the hippo campus crucial for memory.

If you have not exercised for a long tie it is perhaps time to start again It does not need to be hours of exercise, just 7 minutes workout every other day can change your life.

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