Power Nap – Interesting facts about power naps

I was born in a country where the siesta was very common in the country side. When I used to travel and the siesta time came I was just so bored. I could not understand how people would go and sleep in the middle of the day. Now I can understand the benefits of power nap, and I wish it was practiced by more people.

I found this video about the power of power napping. If you suffer from sleep disorders or sleep deprivation make sure your read my other posts on how to get sleep and the effects of sleep deprivation.

This video will guide you though a 6 minutes power nap. It is a great way of recharging your batteries. So if you want to know how you get more energy or how to be happy try this power nap.
This is a summary of what the video says:

• the circadian Rhythm or body clock operates on a 24 hours cycle and manages our sleeping patterns and waking patterns, telling us when we need to be up
• On the other hand the Ultradian Rhythm controls the stats of alertness and rest throughout the day. This cycle occurs every 90 minutes. This is done my moderating the dominance between the left and right hemisphere of the brain.
• So when you wake in the morning you should be alert, and this should last you for about 2 hours and then you should go through a period of 20 minutes of lesser focus. In this time you will have difficulties to concentrate and you may feel sleepy and your mind may wonder.

Many people instead of listening to the bodies will start to drink coffee or smoking a cigarette. Finally after repeating this they will overwrite the ultradian rhythm. If instead we took advantage of this natural rhythm and took a power nap the mental and physical benefits would be enormous. The brain will have a change to recharge

I hope you enjoy your power nap.

Make sure you read my other post on the benefits of power nap.
If you always wonder how to get sleep try to use natural methods to fall asleep.

Probably using some meditation music will help, and not listening to the news before going to bed will be less stressful.

Do not deprive your body from its natural functions. The body is a clever system, we just need to sharpen our intuition and follow what the body tells us.

You can read more free tips from Henshaw consulting. Next time you feel tired and that you cannot keep your eyes open then do not fight your body. If power naps are not allowed at work then go to the car and take a power nap.

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