Power of the Mind

So much has been said about the power of the mind. We can do anything we think of and dream of, provided we have the conviction and discipline to do it. Below are some videos that I have found inspiring:

Your words and thoughts have physical power – Will Smith

Will Smith shares his great life and he says that he loves living. His tone of voice denotes the passion it is in him. He believes that each one of us is great. There s greatness in every one of us, we are all special. He did not stay in what he was, what he saw and thought about is what he was going to become. It did not matter if he was not great because he was going to become great.

He adds that there are no shortcuts to success.  Talent is what we naturally have; skill is developed with hours and hours of work. Wills is not talented but he has the skill of great work. No matter how talented you are if you do not work hard and increase your skills you will not be able to succeed.  Will himself will put all the effort needed to acquire the skills that will make him succeed.

He adds that you need to lay a brick at a time. You cannot start and build a wall all at once. Just by laying one brick at a time one day you will have a wall.

We need to focus on making a difference. Just by being in this planet we have the responsibility of making a difference. If we are not making someone’s life better we are wasting our time.

He says that we can create whatever we want to create. We need to know what we want. He strongly believes that there is no point in having plan B because it will only distract us from plan A.

There is nothing wrong in believing something different than other people believe. He encourages us to believe something different. He says that all successful people believed in something different. What you believe it will come. Nothing is unrealistic. Being unrealistic is the road to mediocrity. Realistic is already done.

He believes that there is a power in making a choice rather than being a victim.  Decide what you want, what you are going to be and go for it. The universe is then going to open doors to you that you have never imagined.

You need to decide what you want and focus with all you got, all your heart and all your creativity.
“Don’t ever let somebody tell you, you can’t do something”. “If you want something, go and get it, period.”

Thoughts Become Things – Mike Dooley

Mike Dooley who was featured in the Secret gives a speech at Toastmasters Club about “Thoughts Become Things”. If you do not know about Toastmasters, it is a non profit international organization that teaches you public speaking and leadership skills. It is a wonderful organization to belong to. I personally was a member, but because of family commitments and having small children had to take a break from it.

Back to Mike Dooley speech, what he tells us in this wonderful speech is that Thoughts become things. Thoughts become reality.

We as humans have the ability to look at things and not see anything. We only discovered that the Earth was not flat after millions of years.

He reminds us of a phrase you probably have heard:  “be careful of what we wish for because you might get it.” He says that he personally had a mother that inspired him to be a dreamer. There is a principle that allows turning wishes into reality. He is talking about the principle of positive thinking and why visualization works. The principle is: Thoughts become things. This principles appplies all the time. Positive or negative thoughts become things. It is a law, and law always applies to positive or negative things

It does not matter who applies this principle, consciously or unconsciously “the law of thoughts becoming things” works every time. So choose your thoughts wisely. Whether visualizing or day dreaming, thinking good thoughts or worrying, your thoughts will become reality. So why not apply them to your advantage.

The 5 rules of thoughts- Mary T Browne

Everything starts with a thought, in the mind. Mary T Browne tells us that her whole life is a manifestation of her thoughts. She had a very successful life and has written books and she attributes it to the power of her thoughts.
She developed 5 exact rules to use the power of the mind:

1 – Know what you want. You need to be very clear about what you want. People do not know or are not clear about what they want
2- See it as done. If you see it as done you believe in it.
3- Do not vacillate, if you want a car, do not say I can then think you cannot and then change your mind back again to I can.
4 – Have faith.  Nothing is accomplished without faith.
5 – Be persistent. Persistence reaps result.

What to do to use the power of your mind to your advantage

By now you may realize that you are where you are because of your thoughts. You could be in a great space, or in a bad situation, but wherever you are is the results of your thoughts and attitude. But if you are wanting to be a happier self, have more abundance,  be healthier then you can change it.

So how can we change that:

  1. Take responsibility for where you are at the moment. Taking responsibility does not mean beating yourself up. Just be aware of why you are there.
  2. Decide where you want to go. For this dream big. Do not let anything stop you. There are not if’s or but’s. Just decide where you want to go It has to be something you have a desire for. Not because someone else tells you, or because you have to, or must. It needs to be I want to. You cannot say “I must be a doctor”, because that means that you do not want to, but you have to.  So it needs to be “I want to be a doctor”
  3. Once you decide where you want to go, write it down on a piece of paper. Write the goal in an affirmative statement and in present tense. For example : “I am a doctor and I am helping many people to live a healthy life” Add today’s date also so you know when you set this goal.
  4. Write down on a  piece of paper a story about your goal as if you have achieved it already. If you want to be a doctor, then write a day in your life as a doctor. See yourself helping patients. See your degree on the wall, and have your business cards ready in your mind or in reality
  5. 5- Keep these papers on a visible place and read them aloud every day. Sing your goal and visualize yoruself every day being a doctor
  6. Most importantly, believe it can be achieved and take action. Do something everyday that will get you closer to the goal.

I encourage you to post whatever your dream is. There is no small or big dreams. Anything is possible. Some of the greatest dreamers of history are Walt Disney , the brothers Wright and the moon landing

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