Secrets of Success – 13 keys for success


This video talks about the 13 secrets of success. The video talks about 13 keys to riches. Riches does not implythat yo need to become a millionaire. There are people that would be happier having just few hundred dollars extra a month, others, would prefer a couple of thousand dollars a month, others would prefer a slightly bigger house, and other may want to become a millionaire. You define success, but I believe the wealth or extra money gives you the freedom to make your own choices in life and spend your time in things you love.


I also believe God or the Higher Self does not intend us to suffer. Why would he put us on this world and makes us suffer. Would you as a parent like your child to suffer? I strongly believe that God or the HIgher Self wants us to be happy and have everything one wants. We have the power to achieve anything we want in life.


The secrets of success discussed in this video are:


  1. Burning desire: According to Napoleon Hill to achieve what you want you need to have a burning desire and passion for what you want.  It makes sense if you do not have one; chances are you will give up when you encounter your first obstacle.
  2. Faith: You need to have a mustard seed faith that everything will work out. Faith that if you have a burning desire and you take action the universe will help you to succeed.
  3. Autosuggestion: Use daily affirmations to water your mind. Remember whatever you think you create. So why not use affirmations to create what you want.
  4. Specialized knowledge: The more you know the further you will get. Education is by no means everything, but you can educate yourself in your field and also in the power of the mind.
  5. Imagination: Everything that was created by man started with an idea and a thought about it. We are the creator of our lives.
  6. Organized planning: If you do not know where you going you will never get there. So have a plan, at least have a plan, set goals  and then the universe will help you get there.
  7. Decision: Decision is such a big thing for many people. This is a big one for me. But we need to remember that by not deciding we are actually deciding not to deicide. Choose and go for what you have chosen. If it does not work, then try again.
  8. Persistence: Too many people give up just before they become successful. You might give up 300 feet away. Crazy, persist and you will succeed. If the greatest thinker had given up at the first failure we would not have electricity today.
  9. Master mind: Find a group of people with similar interest and goals and master mind together. The power of two minds together is incredible.
  10. Sexual transmutation: Romance love and sex. I have read before that a happy sexual life and romance life can do lots for a happy life and successful life.
  11. The subconscious mind: Works day and night and you can program it for happiness, success, health, wealth or anything you desire.
  12. The brain: The thoughts filled with emotion will attract what you really focus on  Showing emotions means that you are passionate about what you are feeling and also feeling the emotions tells the brain that you are actually living what you are thinking.
  13. Six sense: Never ignore your sixth sense. Your six tense or third eye can tells us more, remember we are being in this human body, so do not restrict yourself to your human body functions


As always I encourage you to post your thoughts in the subject.

As mentioned above do not feel that you need to have material things to be successful. Just by being happy you can become succesful. Many people struggle today just to be happy, so if you feel that being happy is all you want in life,  then go with it.

Do not forget that we also have special talents, everyone has talents and the more you use them your talents will multiply. Your talent does not have to be big, it can be the talent of doing bookkeeping, or organizing things, or doing dishes quickly and effectively. It coudl also be the talent of being happy or having patience.



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