Setting Goals for 2014


Setting Goals for 2014

It is time to set your goals for 2014. Watch the motivational video below. Leave all your fears behind, and go for your dreams. Spend two or three days, really thinking of what you want set the goals and go for them. Do not let anything stop you.

. If you give up, you will fail. If you continue, you will make it, even if it takes you years. People do not fail, they just quit. 

If you have a dream and you give everything to it, the universe will do anything to help you. Giving everything to it means working every day towards your goal. That means exactly that, every day. There are no excuses for rainy days, sunny days, sick days, Christmas time, holidays, weekends or anything. If you really want something you need to have the self discipline to work at it every day. Then the universe will do the rest. You show every day and the universe will do its part.

Set yourself a challenge for this year.  Set goals and give your best for 100 days, and then see the results. Get some accountability partners, and make sure they keep you accountable. Have the self discipline to work every day, even if it is for a short while. Every minute, every second will count. At the end of the 100 days you will see the difference, and you will be a different person. Watch the video now.

Now go and set some goals and set a challenge for yourself. Share your challenge in the comments area, and I would also love to hear about your progress.

For a Happier 2014 to you

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