Seven Tips to Be Happy in 2014

The 2014 year has arrived and many things have changed, but what it has not changed is the secret to happiness. In this video you can learn seven tips on how to be happy,yesterday, today and tomorrow. Just by applying one of the tips it can make a difference in your life. Try them out and let me know. If you have been reading this blog, you probably have heard most of the tips already. But you know what, like Zig Ziglar used to say "Repetition is the Mother of Learning" .
Good habits are learned by repetition. So even if you heard it before, watch the video again as many times as you need.


  1. You are already happy. Your thoughts might not be happy. So separate yourself from your thoughts, and you will find out you are really happy. 




    That is so true. If you did not have negative thoughts, you will find you are happy. What makes you unhappy are your thoughts. 

  2. Ditch the Debbie Downer: Stop thinking negatively. I mean, you can slowly start saying good bye to your negative thoughts. When you start thinking negatively, be aware of that and change yoru thoughts to positive thoughts. With time Debbie Downer will realize you do not want her in your life and she will go for greener pastures. 
  3. Garbage in, Garbage out. This means that your mind gets fed on what you read, see or listen to. Stop reading the paper and watching the news. There are no good news as far as I know. 



    If there is something you need to know about, you will definitely hear it on time to save your life or someone else's life. 

    If you continue reading news, or watching TV news, then expect to have the blues back. Even if you choose to watch TV you need to remember that you are naturally happy. 

    Have you ever seen an unhappy baby. Probably not. You wre happy when you were born, and you will always be happy 

    Rather watch comedies or read inspirational stories. It will lift your mood. 

  4. Make space for good habits; Some good habits are exercise, meditation, eating healthy, time management. If you start practicing good habits, you will soon feel in control. Start with one of them. Choose the most fun one for you to do. And do it every day. Enjoy it when you do it.  

    The good habits will help to raise yoru self esteem, feel worthy, and feel that you can. Just by walking ten minutes a day, you will start being a different person. Are you ready to set a new challenge?

  5. Watch a good movie that you liked or read a great book. The book will probably not change yoru life just by reading it once, but it will inspire you and will open yoru mind to new possiilities. 
  6. Fake it until you make it: Whatever you say, it will feel true. If you say you hate yoru job, it will become true. If you say I am happy, you will be happy. Whatever you say it will happen. So say kind and uplifting things to yourself. 



    Close your eyes and relive something good that happened to you. Live that moment again, feel the feeling and bring it to the present. Now with the feeling close to your heart, you can change your current situation. 

  7. Every day write down three things that make you happy. By the end of the week you will have 21 days that make you happy. Keep a notebook with them and when you feel down go and read them again. You will be surprised what makes you happy.  




    I practice this with my kids. Every night they must write what they liked about the day. It can be small things liek going to school, having a frined over, or big things like getting a new toy. 


I hope you put in practice these seven tips or at least some of them. Remember to create a habit takes 30 days. By practicing, you will exercise your self discipline and become happier. 

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