Silva method: Centering Exercise

My first introduction to meditation was through the Silva method. I was so enthusiastic about it, that I shouted it to the whole world. The Silva method was fun, I could create my future and boy did I do it.
I knew what I wanted and practiced the method at least once a day when I was wanting to achieve my goal. My goal was moving to another country. I had found an opportunity to move to a country. I knew with all my heart that I wanted it, and I applied for the job. But I was not the only applicant. I was one of many men to apply and one of the only two ladies that applied. Odds were against me as I later heard that the employer was not keen on employing ladies (yes this was still in the 20 century).

Silva Method Helped me Achieve my Dream

So every day after I came back home from work I would just seat to meditate with the Silva method. I could visualize myself living in a new country in my own apartment. At that moment I was still living with my parents. Silva method definitely helped me to relax, and to concentrate. In a nutshell I was applying the law of attraction.

I had to write some technical tests before I had an interview, and the some psychological tests. I was chosen. What made the difference when the future employer did not like the idea of hiring a woman? Well I could say my technical skills made the difference. They certainly favored the balance towards me. I did study for the test, but I also believe my mind programming had lots to do.

I knew from the start that this was meant to be for me and I had no doubt that I would get it. I meditated every day with the Silva method, no matter if I felt like it or not. Was it easy? I am not sure; I do remember that it was hard to visualize myself in my own apartment. But I pursued and the day arrived when I got a phone call to tell me I had the job. Even though I wanted it, I was unsure of what I was doing. Should I go or should I not go. So I went and my life changed.

Unfortunately in the change I forgot about the Silva method. The internet was not around, and I just had a tape with the meditation and with a new country, a new job, and new life the tape got forgotten.
During the years I did other meditations, visualizations, angel speaking, astrology, numerology and everything else. I still believe in all of that, but I just came back to the Silva method and for me the meditations are the best. It is easy to follow it, it is easy to enter an alpha state, and I can easily see what I want.

I have been practicing the Silva method again for a week, and I can tell you that I am definitely in alpha state when I do it. So much that I tried many times to open my eyes before the end of the meditation and I could not open them.

So I suggest if you have never tried it, try this centering exercise by Jose Silva. I have not tried his. I tried Laura Silva centering exercise. Laura is Jose Silva’s daughter, and the only difference between the exercises is the voice. You can get  Silva Method centering exercise  with Laura’s voice for free.

This was my story about the Silva method but I will write an in detail review later about what the Silva method is, and how it can help you. Jose Silva died in 1999, but the work he has done for more tan 50 years is still carried on by his daughters



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