Six Tips to Maximize Your Personal Energy

Maximize Personal EnergyIf you are one of the people that like to conserve energy to save our environment, I want to congratulate you. You are doing a great work.  

Let me ask you a question. Are you trying to make the most of  your own personal energy? Are you aware that you have your own personal energy that you can maximize with simple steps? You may not realize it but you may unconsciously wasting your energy without even knowing, and by the end of the day you may be tired, and don’t know why.  

I find that the more energy I use on focusing on non trivial issues, the more energy I have. I also found out that the more energy I use in physical activities, the less tired I feel.  

So below are 6 tips on how to maximize your energy. 

  1. Release Resistance: 
    You may be holding onto so many beliefs, and ideas, bwithout even knowing it. 
    Resistance, sometimes may feel like you are going against yourself, You probably do not realize but if you use the words, “I must”, I should” I have to”, then are you wanting to do it or are you resisting? 

    That wastes so much energy. 

    Another for of resistance is procrastination. What are you resisting when you procrastinate? Do we always have to suffer t achieve things? Why not use the energy to do something you really love? 

    To release resistance you may need to decide to let go. Letting go is liberating and refreshing. You may also try energy therapy to help you let go. 

  2. Reduce your time in front of TV/Internet: 

     You may think that watching TV is fun, and not tiring at all. But in reality watching TV is more tiring than going for a run.  When you are watching TV, all you are doing is receiving information. You get more energized when you engage yourself in the activity.  

    The same happens if you spend the whole day browsing the internet. By the end of the day between the rays form TV/computer and having not engaged in something will exhaust you. And you probably do not understand why you are tired.  

    Do you need to give up TV completely? Maybe not, maybe yes. I have given TV completely, but you can minimize the amount of time spend in front of the box. Maybe an hour a day, or an hour a week. Experiment with it. I just need to add that  all the bad news and negativity on  TV can really drain your energy.

  3. Incorporate exercise in your life: 

    If you still believe that exercise will make you tired, then you need to try this tip. Start exercising, even if it is a walk to the post box. Start walking or exercising and increase it by the day. You will experience so much increased energy that you will miss the exercise if you have to skip it one day. 

  4. Consciously create spaces 

    If you want new things in you life, you need to give up the old ones and make space for the new ones. So decluterring your physical space as well as your mental space is a good thing to do regularly. When you are de-clutttering you are cleaning your physical space and your mental space. By dong this you renew your energy. 

    Imagine a pond with stationary water. With time, that water will be so rotten, not even the ducks will want to get in the water. But keep the water running  and new animals and fishes will populate the pond. It will be full of new energy. Your clutter is like the stationary pond. Open space in your mind and your physical space and new energy will enter you life. 

  5. Avoid contact with Energy Vampires 

    Energy vampires are people that drain you of energy. Do you ever spend time with people and then you feel drained. They are draining you. So the easiest way to revitalize you is to stop contact with then. 

    If it is impossible to avoid contact, perhaps the drainer is your spouse, child, parent, or boss, then protect yourself energetically. 

  6. Create quiet time for yourself every day. 

    We are humans beings and not humans doings. With all the buzyness around us, we forget to just be without doing. Take time for yourself, every day, even if it is just ten minutes, to not do anything, to contemplate, meditate or just be. 

Just by putting into practice one of these tips your life will change. 

Which one you will implement?


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