Sleep Deprivation – Effects of Sleep Deprivation


It is incredible how humans bit by bit deprive us of our natural rights, like sleep. We deprive ourselves from sleep. Some of us push ourselves to work longer and sleep less hours; others have suffered from insomnia which I believe is al stress related.

If you have watched the video you would have heard that we need sleep because the body and brain are exhausted and we need to get rejuvenated. Sleep is a great way of getting rejuvenated.

The effects of sleep deprivation can be:
• Tiredness
• Severe exhaustion
• Lack of motivation and energy
• Emotional imbalance
• Severe stress
• Irritability

• Irrational behaviour
• Low levels of efficiency at work,
• poor concentration
• Decreases productivity
• falling asleep at odd hours
• loss of appetite
• Could be the cause for diabetes.
• Can cause premature aging as the skin loses elasticity and get wrinkled.
• Cause depression
• Symptoms of sleep deprivation are very similar to the ones of a drunken person (slow reactions, etc)

Just wondering what the world would be like if everyone slept the right amount. Stress would decrease, people would smile more, and things would not get so serious.

I am personally guilty of not sleeping and need to change the routine ASAP because I know it affects my productivity and my mood. I can also see how my kids are irritable when they have not slept enough.
I hope you have a great night sleep today!

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