Surrender – Oprah Experience

In this VIdeo Oprah tells us about how when you want something you need to ask for it but then you need to surrender..

Oprah says that people in general doubt that their thoughts create reality. You will not create reality by just thinking. When your vibrational frequency and the energy are in sync then you will cretae the space that will allow things to happen, the things that you have asked or something better.The law of attraction will then work.

She gives as the example of the Color Purple. When  Oprah read the reviw of the Clor Purple on an early Sunday morning, she immediately went to buy the book on that same day. She read teh book that same day and started giving teh book away to everyone she met.

She then heard that there was going to be a movie about the Color Purple and she decided that she wanted to be in that movie, even though her father was against any one of his children becoming an actress.

So Oprah went for the casting of this major role., but then she never heard back from the agency. She phoned teh agency to find out and was told that they were going to hire  a professional actress. Oprah was dissapointed but she decided to pray to God asking Him why she did not get it and what was in her future. . After praying she surrendered. She simply let go. She was fine with the idea that someone else was going to take the role and she was also fine with the idea of going to see the movie without her playing the role.

When you  surrender you let go of unhappiness, you stop fighting reality and you find instant happieness.

The Bible contains all teh law, metaphysical or not, all the universal laws are in the Bible. YOu can read what the Bible says about surrender.


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