Take Responsibility for Your Actions

This motivational video encourages you to take responsibility for your actions. The choice is yours. You can decide to stay as it is, travel the easier path, staying in your comfort zone and worrying about the future, or you can decide to tale responsibility for your actions and change your life. You can decide to be the powerful being you are. You can do anything you want to be. It is important to get out of the comfort zone to be able to grow.

Nothing will change if you do not change anything. By deciding to take control of your life and focus on what is important to you, and get out there, try new things, learn new things, leave your shyness aside, increase your self-esteem, smile, laugh, keep yourself healthy, and change your mindset using questions then there is a great chance that you will turn your life around in no time. Many people have done it and you are no different. You are as powerful, as significant as them. It is just a decision you need to take. Decide today what you do not want in your life any longer. Choose what you really wnat and go for it without excuses.

Here is an exercise for you:
Write what you want to achieve in the next six months, think about all the negatives, all the “if’s”, all the “but’s”, and turn each of them into a positive question:

For example:
Goal: I want to have a website
Excuse: I cannot have a website because I am not technical
Question: What can I do to have a website? (learn, save money and pay someone, etc)

You get the point?
Please share one of your goals with me, and your question.

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