Taking Care of Yourself: The Tapping World Summit

Tapping World Summit Self careAs I was flying this week I got reminded again of the importance of looking after yourself before you look after anyone else.

How many times do you ignore this life principle? I am ashamed that I always ignore it. I will look after everyone else, feed them, and help them in what they need to the detriment of my own self.
Even when the air-hostess mentioned that I needed to wear my oxygen mask first before helping anyone else, I did not take it in.

But as I was listening to day 3 of the Tapping World Summit, I heard it loud and clear. The interview with Jessica Ortner and Cheryl Richardson was so powerful. Take the time to look after yourself. Do not just give and give. When you take the time to look after yourself you are in a position to give more than if you do not look after yourself.

She also mentions than having more or doing more does not mean you are achieving more. On the other hand, having less or doing less does not mean you are missing out.

Coincidentally I was thinking today about my son's sport calendar for this year. I have not registered him for anything except karate. Seeing some of his friends are doing 3 or 4 sport activities I really thought he was missing out. But is he? Or are we teaching children to do lots of things and fill up their day? Perhaps my son is missing on the fun of sport and being with friends, but not doing as many sports he will be having some free time to himself, to be a child and enjoy family time.

When I grew up there was not so many activities to do. But yet, I am driven now. So I imagine what the generation of children will be like when they are adults. We fill their lives with so many activities. Some children I know have activities every day after school and even on weekends. Are we retching them that unless they have a diary full of activities they will not achieve much in life?
Cheryl Richardson mentions in the interview that a high quality life is what you remove from your life and not what you add to your life. These words really touched a cord with me.

If you have not listened to the Tapping World Summit, yet, do not miss the rest of the interviews. It is free to listen. You may not be able to listen to the past interviews unless you buy the recordings. But I can promise you they are worth it. I just got lots of information from Cheryl and Margaret Lynch interview on the spiritual power of being sexy. If you do not think you are sexy then you should listen to Margaret Lynch.

Things I got out from the interview with Cheryl Richardson

  • Take care of yourself first. And yes, you are more important than your immediate family. If you are not okay, you will not be able to look after them.
  • Learn to say no. If you cannot help, learn to say “no” and look after yourself first.
  • Do not fill up your space and time with everything. Leave some space and time for yourself. When you open space and time you will receive more.
  • High quality life is what you remove from your life and not what you add to your life.
  • If you feel anxious or guilty that you are not helping others, or that you are putting yourself first, then stop right there and start tapping

If you want to listen more about this, and you want to have some breakthroughs I really encourage you to sign up for the Tapping World Summit and listen to the interviews.


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