The power of the mind: The secret power of the mind

In this video Professor Michael J. Duckett shows us with an experiment the power of the mind, and how our thoughts affect everything. Anything that you can think of is possible,

This is some of what the video says:
• Your thoughts create your life
• Change your thinking and everything will change. Change your thinking and you would have a happier life.
• People limit themselves by not using the power of the mind.
• The mind is a tool, just like any other tool, We can use it to get our job done. Our job is to create more of what we want and less of what we do not want.
• Your thoughts determine what you get.
• It is not about positive thinking but about positively watching your thoughts. By watching your thoughts you can create what you want.
• You need to align your thoughts with your desires, if you align them with what you want and you keep doing it you will live your dream life,
• You create the live you deserve.

So in conclusion, everything starts with our thoughts. If we want to live happier lives, reduce stress, attract wealth, live a healthy life style, then we need to start by changing our thinking.

Our thoughts have vibration and the law of vibration states that  we  attract other things of similar vibrations. The more positive our thoughts are the higher the vibration. It is not about always thinking positively but about taking responsibility for our thoughts and the outcome we want to create.

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