The secret of the secret

You probably have heard about the movie the Secret which teaches us about the law of atarction. Randy Rage talks about the secret of the movie the secret

He says that the movie was great as it raise the awareness of many people who did not know anything about the law of attraction.

The only problem is that the movie has a simplistic view of manifesting prosperity.

After watching the movie many people think that by watching it many times they will  attract abundance and be happier.

Other points that Randy made about the Secret of the Secret:

• The law of attraction is one of the 7 universal laws that you need to apply every day, circulation, giving and receiving.

• You need to take action, you cannot just think and expect. You need to develop a prosperity consciousness, and then you will be open to new ideas and attract people of higher consciousness. Yu will attract people circumstances and opportunities that will allow attracting prosperity. If you do not have the right prosperity consciousness you may miss the opportunity. Maybe you get involved in a bad opportunity or you may also make excuses not to take action when the right opportunity comes your way

• Develop a prosperity consciousness: Feed your mind with positive things every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to sleep. You will then start attracting better opportunities and you will still need to act on them

So what this vide taught me is that we need to have a set routine where every morning we have some times to listen to positive audios or tapes or meditate, and in the night also we need to listen to them and probably do some meditation and reflection. We need to make this a priority same as eating dinner or having a shower. If we want things to change it is imperative we set our priorities right and have some time to develop this abundance mentality and prosperity consciousness.

If you have not read or watched the Secret I encourage you to watch it. Another good movie is What the bleep do we know.

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