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My last post was about gratitude and then I found this among many inspirational stories that shows a special person, and no words can describe the things to be thankful for.  Sometimes we go around questioning ourselves on how to be happy, but we actually have everything to be happy and to be rich.

When I see this mother with no hands taking care of her new born, changing nappies with her feet, driving with her feet, going to the gym and running a home based business all without hands, then I think I have been really blessed to have what I have.

Sometimes we complain about small things and we come up with excuses not to do certain things, but in reality there is no excuses. If you read my gratitude post and decided to start a gratitude journal, now you know what you write in your gratitude journal.

Things to be Thankful for:

Here is a list of things to be thankful for. Feel free to add some more ideas.

  1. A healthy body
  2. An unhealthy body (It can lead you to path that a healthy body might not do it)\
  3. Your legs,
  4. Your feet
  5. Your arms
  6. Your hands
  7. Your toes and fingers
  8. Your eyes and eyesight
  9. Your ears and being able to hear
  10. Your hair,
  11. Your mind
  12. Your ability to thing.
  13. Your mouth
  14. All of your six senses
  15. The country you live in
  16. Your education
  17. Your lack of education
  18. Your family
  19. Your Partner or lack of partner
  20. Your children
  21. Your friends
  22. Your city
  23. Your neighborhood
  24. Your neighbor
  25. Access to libraries
  26. Your car or public transport or lack of vehicle.
  27. Your roof
  28. Your house
  29. Your bed
  30. Hot water when switching on the tap. Some people do not have it.
  31. Fresh water when switching on the tap
  32. Food
  33. Electricity
  34. Thomas Edison
  35. Computer
  36. Internet
  37. Television
  38. Radio
  39. Your job
  40. Your boss
  41. Your income even if there is more month at the end of the income
  42. The fresh air
  43. Mountains
  44. Sea
  45. River
  46. The sun
  47. The moon
  48. Everything you have in your house, even if it is old and does not work.
  49. Communication
  50. Weekends
  51. Holidays even if you cannot go away.
  52. A chat with your friends
  53. A cup of coffee in a cold morning.
  54. Books,
  55. Ability to read
  56. Technology
  57. A smile
  58. Your teacher or your children teachers
  59. Anyone that makes your life easier.
  60. Yourself.
Well this is the beginning of  a list and you can add as you go. I promise you will find many more things.  After this list I just feel rich beyond my imagination. I am actually rich, there is no doubt about it. Many times I heard people saying that  you can not be rich unless you feel rich. But how could you feel rich if you do not have money. Well, I understand it now. look at thi gratitude list, watch this video about this incredible mother and you will feel rich.
Let me give you another example, this last Saturday my car broke down, and I was feeling like, ,how come everything goes wrong when I do not need this hurdle. I am in a middle of a move and I need my car. So I was feeling quite negative. Then I looked at it and thought: this means I will be walking lots and that will help to be fit and lose weight. Also I will spend more time with my kids as we would need to walk everywhere and can have fun at the same time.
So if you look at it positively you already have too many things to be thankful for. Do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong with asking for more, but first be thankful for what you have.
So now if you have not done it get yourself a nice notebook and start writing your gratitude list. Just five things you are grateful for. Or if you do not want to get a notebook then you can write your gratitude in this gratitude journal.
If this young mother inspired you here you can read some more inspiring stories of what people with disabilities have been able to achieve.
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