Tip 1 for Happiness- Morning Ritual

I have been through ups and down, and not always happy. But I believe is a journey.
I have decided to write tips that I am using to be a happier self.

Today as I was thinking I realized that anyone can do something. It was like a switch. When that switched in my mind turned on then I realized \I can do anything and I can be as happy as I want to be.

So my first tip for you is to set a morning ritual or routine that will feed your soul. It can be meditation, reading, writing, exercise or even reading the paper, although I would not suggest reading the paper.

My routine for now, is writing my morning pages, like the Artist Way suggests, to open my creativity, then meditate, and read an inspirational or motivational book. Then I end up with some exercise, be it walking or some stretches.

Whatever you do have a morning routine that will set the tone for you to have a great day. Stay positive and know that you are in a journey towards happiness.

Dani Johnson suggest that you schedule our calendar according to your priorities. Your morning ritual or spiritual ritual should also be scheduled according to your priorities.

Dani Johnson has lots of tips for successful living,, and time management.






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