Tip 4 for Happiness: Gratitude

 Following with my tips for a happier self,  and how to  get rich my fourth  tip is about gratitude. 

We are human beings are always looking for more and perhaps we do not value everything we have. We are actually millionaires. yes you heard well. If you are reading this you probably have eyesights, and you would not give your eyesight away for a million dollar, so you are actually a millionaire.

You can really show gratitude for small things even if you do not have the job that you would like, or the partner that keeps eluding you. Then start feeling grateful for what you have now. You probably have a computer and an internet connection otherwise you would not be reading this. SO be thankful for it, as not everybody has  a computer or an internet. Yes, you might not believe me but having lived in many countries I can tell you not everyone has a computer and in some countries the internet is not allowed.

Get yoruself a notebook and set it next to your bed. Every night before going to bed write five things you are grateful for. They do not need to be big things. You could write, being alive, having something to eat, having a mind, eyesight, having a bed, or a roof over your head. Write anything you are honestly grateful for. WIth time you will start finding more and more things for which you can show gratitude.

At the beginning you will probably not feel very enthusiastic about the things you are grateful. But in a short time you will honestly feel different about the things you are grateful for.

Gratitude will open the doors for you. You will become more beautiful inside and therefore it will reflect in your outside. You will elevate your vibrations and therefore you will be attracting new things with higher vibrations.

Trust me this works. But there is a catch you need to be consistent. Do it and see for yourself. Happiness and success will soon come to you.

There are some  free online gratitude journals, and here is happy rambles.

Now I would like you to share with me five things you are grateful for. I am grateful of having two lovely children, of having traveled and lived in many countries, I am grateful for the internet, for music, and for the lovely planet we live in. How about you?




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2 Responses to Tip 4 for Happiness: Gratitude

  1. Susie86 says:

    Well put. I know that things are hard in the economy right now but really we are so lucky. We should be grateful each day for what we have, and not take everyday things for granted.

  2. Ahappierself says:

    Susie, Thank you for your comments. We are very lucky to have what we have. Keep your gratitude diary every day. One day you can look back and see how lucky you are. In addition during those blue days, if you read the gratitude journal then you will feel much better. Thank you

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