We are the World Song: Let’s Start Giving

I just came across this song which brought memories back from when this song came out. I was perhaps too young at the time to understand the meaning of the words. The song was written by Michael Jackson and recorded to help African countries during a drought.

Two sentences that I want to highlight are “We are the ones who make a brighter world so let’s start giving”. It is so true, giving gives more happiness than receiving. So if you are battling to find your own happiness, just focus on one thing that you can give to others, just one thing, it can be a ear to listen, it can be reading to senior people, or reading to children at a library, it can be be helping people that are in worst situations than you, or even volunteering at an organization, or anything you wish to do as long as you put the focus onto someone else, and not you. You will then start feeling happier.

The next sentence I want to highlight is “But if we just believe there is no way we can fall”. I do not have much to explain, the sentence says it all. We just need to believe we can, believe we can be happy, believe we can achieve our dreams, believe we can be successful, believe it is our right to be successful, believe we have talents and that if we work on them we can succeed. Believe will determine if we will or will not get what we want.

I enjoyed seeing this video and all the memories that brought back, and see what turns my life has taken since that song came out.

Below is the latest video when this song was recorded, in February 2010, 25 years later, to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

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