Why do we Procrastinate? Stop Procrastinating and Be Happier

Stop Procrastination and Be HappierDo you procrastinate? I know I do. Procrastination can be the biggest barrier to achieving goals and dreams. Many people procrastinate. It is not only you.

So if you procrastinate, do not feel that you are a bad person. Someone may procrastinate in one area but not in another area. I believe we all procrastinate , some more and some less. Can you imagine a world without procrastination? It is a dream of mine to have a 100% productive life.

Everything will get achieved, everything will get done at the right time and everyone would achieve their dreams and goals. Wouldn't that be wonderful. Well, it is not happening right now, but we can try to understand why we procrastinate, so that we can eliminate it at least from your life.

There are several reasons why you may procrastinate:

  1. Fear of Failure: This is a big one with most people. We do not want to do something because we are afraid to fail. But if we do not do it, we will fail by default. Failure is not doing something and not achieving it, but failure is not trying it all. If you find that you are stuck in your life, then probably you are afraid of failure. Here are two things to do about them.



    • You can see your failure, if you fail, as a learning experience. Everyone has to fail, because by failing we are learning. Thomas Edison failed more than 1000 times before he was successful at creating electricity. So take it as an adventure, a trial, and if you fail, see yourself one step closer to your success.
    • Expect to fail As said you will fail, but a fail gets you closer to your success and to achieving your goals.
  2. Fear of success: Believe it or not many people are afraid of succeeding.Success brings greater responsibility. People would expect more from a successful person. To avoid this tell yourself, that you will deal. with that when you become successful. You cannot let your fear of success interfere with your dermas.
  3. Need to be perfect: Many of us deals with this need. We cannot do anything unless is 100% perfect. You must try to follow progress and no perfection. Rome was not built in a day, and we are human beings are no perfect. So DO not let perfection stop you from trying things.
  4. A lack of self-discipline. Self-discipline is a valuable commodity, especially for the creation of new habits. Unfortunately we need self discipline to achieve anything. If you do not have self discipline it will be difficult to achieve anything. So please exercise self discipline to overcome procrastination.
  5. The inability to deal effectively with discomfort. Procrastination basically is when you do not take action because when you think about taking action, you feel quite uncomfortable. Your discomfort is bigger than you can handle. The pain of not achieving your dream or goal is not as painful as you thought . It’s only when the pain of not taking action becomes greater than the pain of avoidance that things get done.With practice , you can learn to take action even in the face of great discomfort. YOU need to Feel the Fear and do it anyway. You do not need to do it everything at once. Start with small tasks that are uncomfortable With time, you’ll find your resistance to those uncomfortable feelings will increase.
  6. Fear of dealing with an elephant. Sometimes we procrastinate because we think we cannot deal with this huge project. But how do you eat an elephant? A bite at a time. So Take the time to break the project in small tasks. Write them down and start dealing with each task on its own. In no time you could achieve your goal.

If you are stuck because of procrastination, I will suggest you start with small tasks and work on overcoming procrastination. Procrastination can affect your whole life, and it would be more difficult to overcome it then. Start now. The most difficult part of any project is to start. When you achieve your goals you will feel a sense of happiness, of inner happiness, irrespective of what the goal is. Share how you overcome your procrastination.  

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